Sunday, June 14, 2009

wrap giveaway!

I love wearing my daughter! in a ring sling, in a pouch sling, in a wrap.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Safety Caps Giveaway

Need to get your outlets covered? Check out Safety Caps

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Don't Bite Me Patch

Bug sprays not working for you? Heard of the Don't Bite Me Patch?

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Green giveaway

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Wee Squeak Giveaway

These are some seriously cute shoes! WeeSqueak

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Win Skoy Cloths


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baby bug GC giveaway

Baby Bug Creations is offering a $30 gift card to their shop

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Dream sacks giveaway

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Huggies Pure and Natural

Like Huggies? Want to try their new Huggies Pure and Natural?

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Kodak EasyShare z1015 IS Digital Camera giveaway!

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RCA SmallWonder Camcorder giveaway

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Sleepy Wrap Giveaway

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3monkeysclothdiapers giveaway

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AppleCheeks diaper giveaway

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Purple Ducks giveaway

Check out Purple Ducks diapers!

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Fuzzibunz giveaway

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Apple Cheeks diaper giveaway

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet giveaway!

Bamboo Fun pen tablets by Wacom help you convey your ideas more clearly. With the natural feel of pen-on-paper, Bamboo Fun makes it easy for you to express yourself in a digital world.

Pen tablets are easy-to-use input devices that plug into any computer through a USB port. They include a free-moving pen and an ergonomic pen tablet. With the pen in your hand, you move over your tablet and press the pen tip to the surface when you want to click.

Every point on the tablet maps to a point on your screen, so it's a cinch to navigate your desktop and to use in any software application. Pen tablets are one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to work with your computer—offering you an alternative to working with a mouse.

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Paisley Baby wet bag giveaway

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